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The Importance of Regular Cyber Penetration Testing for Businesses

Securing your systems and applications begins with identifying any vulnerabilities. Secure your network from cyber-attack with expert Penetration Testing from PDQ.

What is Cyber Penetration Testing?

Cyber penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, is a proactive cybersecurity technique that identifies vulnerabilities in networks, systems, and applications. During a penetration test, certified experts use tools and techniques real hackers employ to evaluate the security of IT infrastructure.

Organisations should conduct regular cyber penetration testing to uncover risks before cybercriminals exploit them. Ongoing tests validate security controls, meet compliance mandates, and help manage cyber risks.

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Why Regular Penetration Testing Matters

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Mitigate Data Breach Risks: Proactively safeguard your sensitive data and prevent potentially devastating data breaches. Through meticulous security testing, penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your systems, allowing you to address them before malicious actors can exploit them. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats and protect your valuable information.

Demonstrate Commitment to Security: Strengthen your reputation as a security-conscious organization, both for existing and prospective customers. By investing in penetration testing, you send a clear message that the protection of customer data is your top priority. Showcasing a commitment to robust security measures builds trust and confidence among your stakeholders, setting you apart from the competition.

Validate Security Standards: Penetration testing provides tangible evidence of your high-security standards. By obtaining detailed reports from our team of experts, you can demonstrate the thoroughness of your security protocols to customers, stakeholders, and supply chain partners. This validation installs confidence in your organisation’s ability to protect sensitive information and establishes you as a trusted partner.

Effective Risk Management and Compliance: Penetration testing forms a crucial part of your risk management strategy. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, you can effectively mitigate risks and reduce the likelihood of security incidents. Moreover, penetration testing aligns with various compliance frameworks, ensuring that you meet regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Realise the Benefits with Our Cybersecurity Experts

Our Cyber Security team employ ethical hacking practices and proven techniques to thoroughly evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure and applications. By performing frequent cyber penetration testing, you can continuously improve defences, manage risks, and avoid breaches.

It’s never too early to prioritise the protection of your data and demonstrate your unwavering commitment to robust security practices and starting regular testing now will provide crucial insight into your cybersecurity posture for you to protect your most valuable data.

It is highly recommended that as a business you combine cyber penetration testing with vulnerability scanning to create a robust cyber security protocol

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"We are extremely pleased with the exceptional work carried out by the PDQ team in successfully rolling out this project to our entire global staff. Their dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail have played a pivotal role in the seamless execution of this initiative. PDQ's commitment to excellence and their ability to navigate the complexities of a worldwide rollout have exceeded our expectations. We look forward to continuing our partnership with such a proficient and reliable team."
Chris Watts, Director
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"Having partnered with our IT consultant at PDQ for over 18 years, we were committed to modernising our communications at Hilbery Chaplin. The adoption of Microsoft Teams Voice has proven transformative, enhancing collaboration and client interactions seamlessly. This move not only saved us money but also streamlined our operations by consolidating services with one company, marking a strategic shift towards increased efficiency and agility in our business and driving down overall costs."
Nicolas Chaplin, Managing Director
Hilbery Chaplin
Having been working with PDQ over the last couple of years, they have provided a very responsive service to us here at Maldon Salt, tackling support issues promptly and effectively.
Maldon Sea Salt
PDQ give us the strategic guidance and comprehensive management support we need, with uninterrupted assistance across multiple time zones, ensuring our systems are always working efficiently and effectively.
Chris Watts, Director
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PDQ has supported The Royal College of Occupational Therapists all through the difficult COVID period. Their helpful and professional manner has been much appreciated by RCOT.
The Royal College of Occupational Therapists (London)
PDQ have provided us with excellent IT support from the beginning. They are fast and responsive in dealing with any issues that arise and we very much appreciate the client service they give us.
Gerald McDonald
Gerald McDonald Group & Company Limited, Essex
PDQ’s customer service is consistently excellent; in our Open Road staff survey there wasn’t a single person dissatisfied. The senior engineer is helpful, polite, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
Jamie Crummy
Open Road Visions, a Drug and Alcohol Recovery support charity in Essex
We moved to PDQ 5 years ago. In that time we have undertaken a full server rebuild, two office moves and moved most of our staff to home working; all without a hitch. The support staff are friendly and always come back to us very quickly, we’ve developed a very good relationship with PDQ and look forward to continuing it.
Tim Spinks, Director
EFG Foodservice
Our success has always centred around our strong commitment to mutually beneficial relationships with our partners through our Partner Ready Programme. We are committed to a partner programme that is built on innovation, partnership, and growth for our partners.
Antonio Neri, President and Chief Executive Officer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Exceptional customer service, I can’t say enough about the staff at PDQ. The support services they provide to the IT infrastructure here at the hospital in London are outstanding. Always prompt, always helpful and professional.
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London
NHS Foundation Trust