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Case Study: Cloud Backup - National Charity

Project Brief

The challenge was to remove the risk of having on site backup tapes and a slow recovery process caused by legacy equipment. Their current tape backup solution had been installed over 8 years ago and their data had increased year-by-year and the tapes could not hold anymore business data. The charity needed to cover GDPR compliance and support their internal business plan for IT recovery planning.

Solution Overview

  • Identified all of the data, documenting the backup strategy
  • Migration of all the data to our UK cloud backup service
  • Backup of their 365 email every 3 hours

We performed various steps in order to understand their individual requirements; we were then able to recommend PDQ 365 Cloud backup.

PDQ Team
PDQ Team

Result and Gains

  • No backup tapes being left in the office or forgotten about
  • Enhanced security, all data is encrypted using 256bit (Advanced Encryption Standard)
  • Data is encrypted using a key known only to you
  • Total Cost of ownership
  • Part of a detailed IT disaster recovery plan

The contemporary Office 365 business platform accommodated for a reliable and robust email service

Data Centre Physical Security

Unlike many providers, our servers are located in the UK rather than the USA, meaning our clients’ data is not subject to the US Patriot Act. The Patriot Act essentially allows the US Government undue and unfettered access to your data. Put simply – your data is as secure and safe as it can be with us.

ISO Accreditation

In addition to physical and software based security, our datacentres also have a number of ISO credentials. They both have ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance) indicating our commitment to providing the highest standards across our range of solutions. They also have ISO 27001 (Information Security) indicating that your data will be held secure and confidential.

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