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Case Study: Cyber Security-Legal London

Project Brief and Challenge

Cyber-attacks on all businesses are now inevitable. IT Cyber Security is no longer just about preventing attacks, it’s about preparing for them. This means finding and dealing with them in real-time. The longer a cyber-attack goes undetected (on average around 150 days), the more damage it does to a business.

The challenge was to review the complete Cyber security of this business. Our security expert was tasked to review the risk “posture”. This refers to a company’s overall cyber security status – how the business is protected from breaches and digital data is safeguarded. This included the overall management and cyber strategy related to protecting the client’s software and hardware, network, services, and data. The process identified the IT security risks. From there, we recommended and applied new rules, including hardware and software to mitigate security risks, along with changes in working procedures, policies and staff training.

The review process was just the start, as PDQ continued with an ongoing review to ensure that all of the security measures were performing to set standards; these included essential management policies to comply with ISO 27001, PCI DSS and Cyber Essentials (HM Government Standard).

Solution Overview

  • Sophos XG firewall, with secure VPN access for remote workers
  • Full unified threat protection (UTM)
  • Intercept X for ransomware protection, endpoint detection, and Exploit
  • Device central device encryption (Disk encryption, to secure remote workers data)

We performed various steps in order to understand the full Cyber security requirements. We were then able to recommend a Sophos XG firewall, including a range of Sophos software, along with staff training.

Cyber Security Management
PDQ Aws Azure Diagram

Result and outcome:

  • Ongoing strategy and Continuous improvement, as hackers and threats are always evolving
  • Cost efficiencies, to streamline security solutions in to one partner, while reducing costs
  • Identify at-risk users, through ongoing training, improve Cyber planning
  • Cyber Essentials certification and update cyber insurance

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