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Case Study: Hilbery Chaplin - Microsoft Teams Voice

Hilbery Chaplin's Move to Microsoft Teams Voice


Established in 1894, Hilbery Chaplin has carved a niche as a distinguished estate agency in Essex. Marrying tradition with innovation, they’ve consistently strived to deliver top-tier property services to a varied clientele. Recognising the need for contemporary communication solutions, Hilbery Chaplin embarked on a journey to revamp its communication infrastructure.

This case study delves into Hilbery Chaplin’s strategic transition from traditional phone systems to the contemporary capabilities of Microsoft Teams Voice. Guided by PDQ IT Support’s expertise, this journey underscores a pivotal move towards refined communication, bolstering their industry standing.


The Need for Modernisation in Hilbery Chaplin’s Communication Infrastructure


Despite their esteemed history, Hilbery Chaplin wrestled with outdated phone systems. Managing multiple vendors for IT and telephony services, along with a myriad of phone lines, resulted in operational inefficiencies. The agency’s vision was clear: a unified solution to serve their diverse clientele more effectively.


Choosing Microsoft Teams Voice: A Strategic Decision for Hilbery Chaplin’s Communication Needs


Introducing Microsoft Teams Voice – an all-encompassing communication platform seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams. For Hilbery Chaplin, this transition was more than just technological advancement; it was about operational optimisation and elevating client relationships. PDQ IT Support championed this transformation, ensuring a bespoke solution tailored to the agency’s needs.


Hilbery Chaplin office

Implementation and Business Benefits:

Under the guidance of PDQ IT Support, the integration of Teams Voice into existing Microsoft Teams accounts was seemless:

Efficient Collaboration:

Microsoft Teams Voice removed communication barriers. Agents could connect effortlessly through voice calls, video conferences, and chats, fostering agile collaboration and informed decision-making.

Enhanced Flexibility and Mobility:

Geographical limitations became obsolete. Hilbery Chaplin’s team remained seamlessly connected, enabling prompt client responses, real-time updates, and immersive virtual property tours.


Tangible Results: The Operational and Financial Benefits for Hilbery Chaplin


The synergy between Hilbery Chaplin and PDQ IT Support yielded remarkable results. By adopting Microsoft Teams Voice, the agency transcended the constraints of outdated systems. The advantages were clear: heightened collaboration, enhanced client engagement, and notable cost savings on rentals and monthly call charges.


"Having partnered with our IT consultant at PDQ for over 18 years, we were committed to modernising our communications at Hilbery Chaplin. The adoption of Microsoft Teams Voice has proven transformative, enhancing collaboration and client interactions seamlessly. This move not only saved us money but also streamlined our operations by consolidating services with one company, marking a strategic shift towards increased efficiency and agility in our business and driving down overall costs."
Nicolas Chaplin, Managing Director
Hilbery Chaplin

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