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UK Government’s Cyber Essentials

Cyber Security is not something that will take care of itself. Cyber reports have indicated in 2018 there was over 425 million new virus definitions released – that’s over 1 million a day.

We are in a race to prevent hackers affecting our business operations. The only way you will be protected is to constantly review and educate your staff to ensure you have a up to date cyber security solution that’s fit for purpose.

What is the Cyber Essentials Scheme?

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme and has become the first choice of security standard to help businesses protect themselves against the most common internet based Cyber Attacks.

What does Cyber Essentials Entail?

Cyber Essentials is a set of system controls – which, when put into place across an organisation’s IT infrastructure it offers protection against cyber-attacks.

Rather than focus on the most sophisticated attacks – Cyber Essentials focuses primarily on the types of crime that make up the large percentage of online attacks, a wise move, considering the sheer number of malicious tools available and the ease with which even novice criminals can put those tools into action.

Cyber Essentials Core Benefits:

  1. Risk Mitigation – Cyber Essentials helps organisations to identify the risks it faces when it comes to cyber security and in order to achieve the certification there needs to be specific processes and structures in place every year.
  2. Stand Alone Assurance – As Cyber Essentials as a stand-alone assurance programme, it’s affordable for all businesses. Some businesses that already have the ISO 27001 also have Cyber Essentials, and some opt for Cyber Essentials only.
  3. Protection from Cyber Threats – Thousands of businesses every year fall victims of cyber security hacks which cost time, money and potentially the loss of their company and client data. Cyber Essentials ensures processes and the correct setup is in place to prevent this.
  4. Data Protection – Now that GDPR is in force, business owners are solely responsible for the security of their clients data in line with the new regulation. Cyber Essentials helps identify weakness and puts processes in place to protect data.


We are offering a FREE security analysis that will explain how well your current security is working with any recommendations, and partner with you to achieve Cyber Essentials, the UK Government’s Cyber Security Scheme.


  • Data and security management solutions
  • Threat Protection
  • Virus and spam protection
  • Full Reporting
  • Full cyber-crime prevention report
  • Carried out by our Fully Trained Sophos and Cisco Security Architects

Contact us to understand how we can assess and deliver this for you. With our team of trained security professionals, We can leave to focus on your business and protect your business assets.

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