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Office 365 Backup

As you are already aware, Microsoft do not backup or protect Office365 data and it remains your responsibility. We find that the most common reason for emails missing from O365 mailboxes is accidental deletion. When the user notices, its often months later when the email has long since been removed by Microsoft’s limited retention. If there are legal issues this can have catastrophic consequences. We are starting to see more issues with lost emails and may find hackers start to attack emails accounts.

The 365 email backup includes:

1TB storage per mailbox user (to include OneDrive, mailbox data, SharePoint data)

  • Backups every 4 hours for Exchange. Every 6 hours for OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Retention for up to 7 years for Exchange. Up to 1 year for OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Your encrypted data is stored within the UK at our main datacentre
  • GDPR compliant service
  • Professional installation and setup by our team
  • 24 hour UK based technical support via telephone and email if required
  • Full web based management reporting and email notifications
  • Based on an initial setup , then just the normal backup fee charged yearly

Subject to a data review

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