Our Retained Service agreement is a pre-paid time and materials resource which can be used to either complement our traditional solutions or by customers that require occasional assistance with a guaranteed response. 

An initial payment, which reflects the clients predicted annual expenditure, is held on account by PDQ. The client can then log calls on faulty equipment, have our engineers install new systems and software, in fact any IT related service the client requires can be provided under this type of agreement.

Retained Service customers enjoy a 20% - 30% discount on our normal ad-hoc rates and decides on the response times required when logging the call. This service provides our customers with greater control, flexibility and management on the overall cost enabling them to call upon external assistance when needed whilst keeping control of their budget.

At PDQ we bill to the penny so customers pay the exact price for parts and services providing a significant advantage over “Token” and “Points” solutions available on the market. 

Unused funds at the agreement renewal date are carried forward to the following year. But if for any reason the customer chooses not to renew the agreement then any remaining funds can be transferred in full to any of our other services or alternatively we offer a refund facility should no further service be required.