Are you ready for GDPR?


The GDPR clock is ticking away, you have until 25th May 2018

The clock is ticking away.. You have until 25th May 2018!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is out of date and has needed updating following the impact of technological innovations over the last 20 years. This will remain in UK Law following Brexit. The main purpose of GDPR is to give individuals a greater level of control over their personal data. This means that all companies who hold any customer information will be subject to strict rules. This involves taking a risk-based approach to data protection to ensure appropriate policies and procedures are in place to deal with the individuals’ rights provisions, as well as building a workplace culture of data privacy and security. In breach of GDPR, companies can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million (whichever is greater).

There are some positives to GDPR. We believe, with change comes opportunity. This is a great opportunity for organisational change and to get your business ready for the future, so the new regulation presents the chance to transform your business culture and processes for the better.

We understand that new regulations can be puzzling and is it difficult to find the time to carry on with daily business and implement the required procedures. We are a trusted adviser and can assist you in getting ready for GDPR and enable you to demonstrate that steps have been taken to follow the regulation.

How Can PDQ Prepare You For GDPR?

1. Identify what personal data you hold and where it's held

2. Conduct how personal data is used and accessed

3. Establish security controls to prevent, detect, and respond to vulnerabilities and data breaches.

4. Keep required documentation, manage data requests and breach notifications

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