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It has been a busy summer at PDQ as we continue to improve our Managed Service solution with additional services monitored and a more comprehensive solution provided. The Network Health Checks which we undertook following the offer in the last Newsletter also produced some interesting, and in some cases quite worrying, results with many discs nearing capacity and an incredible number of critical updates not installed truly highlighting the benefit of the Managed Service to the customers who took advantage of the offer.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 New Arching and Web App Features

With the increasing volume of data being shared and stored in emails, the need to preserve this information has become critical for all businesses, Microsoft have recognised this and introduced Exchange Server 2010 SP1.

This latest version introduces integrated email archiving and long-term retention of your files and attachments without changing how you work. The new Personal Archive feature is a specialized mailbox associated with a user’s primary mailbox. It appears alongside the primary mailbox folders in Outlook and now in the Outlook Web App giving users direct access to archived emails in the same way as non-archived email, permissions can also be set to share these archived folders.

In short this new version will allow your business to indefinitely retain, share and instantly access all emails along with their original attachments within your network and now with the Web App feature you will have the some functionality whilst accessing via the Web. For more information on these new services available on Exchange 2010 please contact your Account Manager or Click Here.


PDQ Computers are a partner of RSA, the premier provider of security solutions for business acceleration. Effective Network security is not only essential to protect your infrastructure and the confidentiality and integrity of your digital information but is also vital to ensure compliance with regulations.

At companies all over the world, the RSA SecurID® solution is used by employees who need secure remote access on a regular basis. But as business models change there’s a growing need to extend this industry-leading security to a broader base of users – contractors and part-time employees who occasionally work outside the firewall.

PDQ Computers would like to introduce you to RSA On-demand Authentication. This technology allows you to provide two-factor authentication to the “casual user” on an as-needed basis and at a lower cost. Please contact PDQ Computers to discuss your security requirements or Click Here.

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft has launched the latest version of Office, their extremely popular collection of programs designed to simplify a number of everyday business and home computing tasks. Office 2010 has been heralded as more than just an update to previous versions, Microsoft having invested considerable resources to develop a product as useful and business-focused as possible, designed to save you time and present a more professional image to your customers.

Office 2010 has numerous features designed to make your life easier. Co-authoring lets you work on the same document as colleagues in different locations while “Web Apps” provides you with a growing suite of online tools allowing you to work when and where you want.

Outlook 2010 can help you take control of your day with conversation management tools, mail tips, calendar preview, and more. It helps you stay better organized and up-do-date with less effort and find information you need fast.

We have been trialling Office 2010 for several months and have found it a significant improvement on previous versions, with many of the new features proving to be extremely useful. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we would be happy to provide you with further information on Office 2010 or any other Microsoft products.

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