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We are approaching the halfway point of 2010 and there has been a lot of activity in the IT sector with new operating systems and core applications released along with a mass of new hardware, from HP Proliant G7 servers to iPads. PDQ Computers remain current with these developments and are ideally situated to provide advice for any new equipment, software or upgrades that you are considering in this very confusing market. Please contact your Account Manager for any requirements that you may have.

Network Health Check

With the introduction of PDQ Computers Managed Service solution this year, we are offering the first 20 customers that respond to this Newsletter a free Network Health Check.

This Network Health Check generates a comprehensive “snapshot” illustrating the current health of your Network. To accomplish this PDQ Computers deploy an agent, subject to your approval, on your network and monitor it for a period of 7-days. When the 7-days are up we generate a summary including several reports which give an excellent overview of your Network including the Hardware, Software, Disk capacity, Patch Status, Uptime and any changes during the 7-day period among other information.

Microsoft Exchange 2010

Microsoft Exchange 2010 is the newest version of the messaging and collaborative software solution from Microsoft. According to Microsoft, Exchange 2010 ushers in the next generation of Microsoft unified communications software as the first server designed from inception to work both on-premises and as an online service and introduces new capabilities to help organisations reduce cost, protect communications, and delight email users.

Microsoft claim that Exchange 2010 reduces your messaging costs by 50-80% and a report by Forrester Consulting, commissioned for Microsoft Corporation in November 2009, confirmed that significant savings were realised.

Exchange 2010 provides larger mailbox sizes without the need to purchase expensive storage hardware and handles continuous replication doing away with the need to use the clustering feature of windows server which requires an Exchange Server Enterprise Edition Licence. In addition to these savings a new feature of Exchange 2010 combines continuous replication technology with on-site data replication and off-site data replication reducing the cost of Disaster Recovery and Backup systems.

PDQ Computers are more than happy to discuss your requirements for an Exchange upgrade and recommend an installation.

Hot Server Boom

The Met Office have promised another barbecue summer and while it will be fantastic if they are right this year there are serious implications for Server performance.

It is generally recommended that the optimum temperature for servers is 18° - 27° C and this can easily be exceeded in server racks during the summer. Servers, Routers and Switches all produce heat and operating in excessive temperatures can cause failure and significantly reduce the life of components.

If your server room is not air conditioned we suggest that you give this serious consideration; even if the Met Office are wrong, server temperatures can greatly exceed those recommended even in a normal British summer. Maintaining the temperature of your server room within recommended limits is essential for the optimum performance of your equipment; PDQ Computers can assist with this, providing solutions from IP Temperature Probes through to comprehensive server monitoring.

Steve Morgan

We are very pleased to welcome Steve Morgan to the service team as a new Senior Engineer. Steve brings a wealth of experience with him having worked in IT for many years both in the UK and overseas across many platforms.

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